My attempts to get “Talk Like a Pirate Day” off the ground remain unsuccessful for another year.

Why this day can’t take place on a Monday or a Thursday when the swords are out is also an annoyance.

But I am thrilled that there’s someone who’s in full costume on the train this morning. Will try to get a photo.




  1. Put your avast up the yardarm. Let us have true pirates’ words, truly spoken, from Master Wm. Shksper:

    [Enter Pirates]
    First Pirate. Hold, villain!

    [LEONINE runs away]

    Second Pirate. A prize! a prize!
    Third Pirate. Half-part, mates, half-part. Come, let’s have her aboard suddenly.
    [Exeunt Pirates with MARINA]

    (Pericles, Act IV, Scene 1)

  2. Yarr, they be a bunch of scurvy landlubbers.

    I’m havin’ a Talk Like a Pirate Day party this evenin’, but with the proximity ta NotBMF, combined with the general lubberishness of the group, I decided not ta bother announcin’ it. I’ve added ye, so ye should see the details on me own journal. Feel free t’ come along, even if only for a couple of arrs. (Ye see what I did there? A pune, or play on words.)

    Oh, and it may interest ye t’ know that next year, it will be on a monday.

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