A Confluence of Aristotilian Proportions

Reading Robert’s Journal regarding the affairs the potential Musgrave World Medieval Tournament (Or as a like to call it: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not BMF”), Master Hook mentioned the considerable sums of monies involved in getting something like this off the ground and the rumour that the amateur enthusiasts behind this have apparently put their house on the line to fund it.

I had concerns. Aside from the marketing side – obvious in its lacking – and the various requirements such as food and ammenities – again in its notable in its absence or near enough – and combined with the rough numbers needed in order to call the festivities a wash; the organizers were competing against Animania.

My familiarity with Animania is limited to Ace Comic & Games blurb; which is: Anime, manga and cosplay ahoy! Animania is being hosted on Saturday which I fear will cut numbers down amongst the velet-sporting crowd that normally BMF catered for.

I was encouraged a little when Delia assured me that Animania was an overpriced farce and many cosplay types were boycotting it; although it depends on whether they’re boycotting it in Musgrave Park that day for it to be useful. However something else came to my attention this morning.

I was handed two sheets of paper by a very nice girl with purple hair who rides on my train. They are for an event called a “Freak Meet” to be held in the Botanical Gardens which appears to be a weekly affair starting – you guessed it – this Saturday.

Three competing conventions, after effectively similar target markets within Brisbane. Two of these are trying to get off the ground for the first time. This has grave concerns on a number of futures.



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