The Birthday Massacre, People!!! C’mon!!!

So on a whim I decided to see what one of my most favourite bands ever are up to.  A bit it seems and some of it local!

First of all, I’m missing two albums of theirs.  Some history:  I came across this band as one of many in Warren Ellis’s compilation mp3’s.  Volume 15 if my obsessiveness is anything to rely on.  It was the first time I’d heard a woman scream death metal-like into a microphone and it was just simply staggering!  Guys, if any of you haven’t heard this before, it could very well change every preconceived notion you’ve ever had about this type of music.  I replayed it so many times and even at repeat number 20 it worked!

It worked so well that I checked out their website – which was down at the time – but got redirected to their latest album’s site.

Go check this out.  This is how I imagine the Brothers’ Grimm saw their fairytales.

I listened to each of the songs, all available on the site, as well as the first album "Violet" and ended up buying both online and missing lunch for a couple of days as a result.  It’s possible history is going to repeat.

So checking out their site tonight, the first thing I see is 11/20/08, The Zoo, Brisbane.  Wait, I live in Brisbane…

It’s on a bloody Thursday though.  This is going to be a tricky needle to thread…

Still, I haven’t seen a band of note perform live, well, ever and I would like my first band to be them.


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