Habit Forming

First of all, Internet connection at home is down. Am looking to get it fixed today as I don’t want to miss the Exalted MSN game. Briefly entertained the notion of trying to play in on the Nokia but don’t think it’d work for the main reason that the bandwith bill would kill me. This, by way of saying, is the reason I can’t fix the spelling error in Camp Grenada that some useful though anonymous person informed me about this morning.

One of the big reasons I like the phone and keyboard combination is that it gives me the means to write and post on a whim. Well, as much a whim as work allows, but given that I can’t post to the Manifesto from a government computer, its a step up. And I love writing. LOVE WRITING. Even if its writing about loving writing.

But one of the reasons I haven’t done it quite so much until now is that its not enough that I write. You can chalk this up to attention seeking (expecting a comment from many on this one) or my extraverted style thinking or having some kind of purpose behind the writing but it’s rare that I don’t try to share my work in some form. Of course I can get somewhat nervous about this as well so it makes for interesting conundrums but I need to either see a purpose, or get an idea out of my head for feedback or criticism.

Often this leads to me writing something in a fugue-state, posting, publishing or pressuring someone into reading it and the re-reading the same thing some 2 minutes later and lamenting over the many grammatical “choices” made in the alliterative run-on sentences.

It’s at this time I should point out that something else the Nokia could use is a spell-checka.

One of the many role-play games I enjoy is a homemade system and world and recently its author has opened it up to us, his players and beta testers, to add to it in forms of rules, suggestions or stories. This is providing me with an excuse to do some writing and it astounds me why I’d ever stop doing this when it feels this good.

Oooh, that’s going to leave a comment.

At some point soon I’ll write about the games I’m playing.

Re-reading Watchmen as I figure if I’m going to comment on the movie, I should be familiar with the book again. I haven’t read it in a couple of years and I think that’s key to enjoying Watchmen: Let it fester and then read it fresh. One of my concerns about the movie was the footage I’d seen of Nite Owl and how they seem to be trying to make him into a poor man’s Batman. Which, I suppose, is the idea behind the character in the first place but there was a little part of me that winced at Nite Owl’s combat heroics until I read the part of the comic where he and Laurie fight off four armed gangsters. It reminded me that despite the somewhat overweight nerdish portrayal, this was a man who was two things: Big – not overweight per se – and also partnered with Rorsarch even if it was when he wasn’t quite so mad. Feeling better about the movie’s potential.

Of course watching and rewatching anything involving the Glass Palace allays most concerns.

Delia’s suggested course at QCA for digital photography seems like the best way to go. I was concerned about the cost and just how much you could gain in 4 hours of tutelage but I’m reminded that most courses and training nowadays are done in as much time. An interesting development for us, species-specifically. Also this gives me time on Tuesdays to pursue another hobby located much closer to home.

No I’m not going to say anything more about that.


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