Monday Morning

Rather wish I’d gone with initial instinct and stayed in bed. Not a bad day, mind you. Just need the rest.

Congratulations once again to Team Benson for hosting the End of Term Party. Also props to Lee for his work on the Prima Spada DVD, though I may have to stab him for leaving me with ‘Camp Grenada’ in my head.

I’m hoping that there isn’t anything else that’s going to interfere with the camera purchase this week. I reckon I might just have enough for the Canon EOS 40D.

On a semi-related note, I’ve been thinking about courses and classes lately. TAFE runs a digital photography course for beginners on Tuesday in October and while I’d have to go out to Caboolture, the fact remains that Tuesday is about the only day I have left that’s free. On the plus side, video works on the phone so that’s something to keep me amused on the train ride to and fro.

Just got done watching an episode of Gargoyles that translated the gap between computer and phone remarkably well. Unfortunately a couple of other videos didn’t make the transition quite as good. Will have to do some jiggery-pokery later in the week.

Things the Nokia needs: Faster video translation software. Or a DivX enabled player (I think Sharon has one of those) and most importantly, a fast-forward/rewind option.

There’s a lot of things I’d like to do, none of which are work but that’s hardly new.

Edit:  Camp Grenada fixed.  Also other things.



  1. Whoops, my fault for keeping you up. I’m at uni, also feeling very sleepy.

    Re: courses, QCA has some. What about this one? It’s just a single weekend course at South Bank, which might be more feasible than going to Caboolture every Tuesday for several weeks. The next one’s not till November, of course, but it sounds like exactly the level that would be useful for you, and it gives you plenty of time to get the shiny new camera.

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