Saturday, Saturday, Saturday and so on…

Surprised to note on wanderings to the supermarket that Empire Magazine has labeled the upcoming Watchmen movie as “The Citizen Kane of Superhero Movies”, which I find at least to be presumptive and premature and at its most a slap in the face to God and critics alike. Considering that all that’s been released are one-sheets, publicity shots and a music video cum trailer, calling it anything other than “In Development” is to tempt the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing.

Of course visually it’s stunning, as the trailer has snatched my breath away with the final image of Doc Manhattan’s crystal palace; as it will everyone elses. And its true that the comic is a tour de force that might be called the Citizen Kane of Comics if one felt the need to make the comparison, but while Dave Gibbon’s art is something that deserves to be on a 20 foot tall screen, translating Alan Moore’s talents by anyone other than Alan Moore can be an act of Lovecraftian madness.

I’ve never seen the Citizen Kane of Citizen Kanes (Citizens’ Kane?). Probably one of things I should do, eh?

Sitting at Toscani’s at the moment, having finished a delicious hazlenut latte and pondering the notion of getting a Hot Chioc before wondering how I’m going to spend the rest of the day. Probably at Camp Ord, particularly as others are venturing south to the Gold Coast and Sydney for a week and two weeks respectively. Safe journey.

I very much like my collection of suburbs in Newmarket/Wilston and Ashgrove. I’ve been in the area for what would be verging on two years and I’m still discovering new places to see and shop. Very glad to note that I have a ZoneFresh not far away via train. Also need to visit Earth and Sea Pizza again before long.

Possibly more to follow…


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