Tiger Tiger

“There are tigers on the Queen Street Mall. Get lots of photos”.

So that’s what I did this lunch hour, or rather TRIED to do. One or two photos came out well although the Nokia n95 does not handle the pressure when it comes to photographing active playing tiger cubs. Also I miss optical zoom.

Fortunately Delia happened to be in the city and even more fortunately, she’d brought along her Nikon D70 to get a new lenscap. That handled the lack of zoom nicely. Naturally the cubs were as cute as buttons and adoreable. I would like to make some mention though of the humans on stage:

1: If you’re not a member of the media, or a tiger handler, or a political personality. Get off the damn stage!

2: If you are a photographer or member of the media, try to remember that there are at least three sides to the stage and try to move the show around so those on the other side can see.

3: Failing this, if you can’t move the performance, get out of the damn way! I was perfectly understanding of the need for media to get their photography out of the way. After all, this is about raising awareness of endangered species and is something that should be called attention and action to. However, we were told that they’d only be in the way for a bit and that bit turned out to be the entire bloody performance. If, in an hour, you don’t have the footage or shots needed for your assignment, you should seriously reconsider your profession.

4: Failing that; if you absolutely need to stay on stage, either step back to a side where there are no audience members or LOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT! Finally I understand why Marvin the Martian wanted to blow up the Earth.

5: If you’re going to tell over a 1/3rd of your audience to be patient and after everything is done, that side of the stage will get to see some tiger cubs. ACTUALLY DO IT! One side got to see everything without galactic sized arses undulating into their field of vision every three seconds. Some even got to pat the cubs. The other two sides got treated to sweaty man-flesh and security guards for 40 minutes.

The funny part came when the Member for Ipswich took the stage and may have dived into a defamation suit by publicly calling on kids not to buy Cadbury chocolates for Easter over Darrell Lea seeing as Darrell Lea are making chocolate Bilbys and apparently Cadbury couldn’t give a chocolate crap.

Still, can’t complain too loudly. I got to get close to the cubs on the way to the stage, got one or two good photos and can now post to the Manifesto about it so WIN for me.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to subscribe to LiveJournal if I want to do more with it though.

Tiger pictures will be going on the Flickr later today.


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