Interesting Times

The winds of change have blown a gale the last month:  New position, new responsibilities, new work style and, just recently, new phone.  The position I had came with a phone, the position I am in now does not.  Rather than look upon this in the negative, I’ve taken it, like most things this month, as a good thing as it means I’m not lumbered in using something that YOU – the taxpayer – think I should have.

This has presented a problem though:  My first foray into mobile phone technology was born of constant nagging that I was unreachable.  Job-wise, there was a trend in hospitality to be called in at any hour and that burgeoning new technology of wireless leashes had big-time appeal for the managers who were ahead of their time as far as RFID tags are concerned and if I can play futurist for one moment; that day is coming!  Bad service made good from technology that tells you that the little bastards are outside trying to bargain a meal for another oral favour will be the wellspring of our Orwellian future.  You heard it here first!

So I got the phone and my hours went up, which was good because so did my expenses.  Six months of debt (It was hospitality wages!) saw me finally pay out the contract and wash my hands of mobile phones until my arrival in Brisbane.  Karen had bought me a phone and I was pleased to note that pre-paid deals were on offer.  Certainly a better way of doing business in that my blood stays in my body and not spilled and spelled out in my grotesque penmanship above the dotted line.  However at that point of my life the romantic appeal of having bits of portable technology was taking hold and despite the generosity of the gift, a Nokia N342 wasn’t going to shake it loose.  Fortunately the Dell Axiom was my patch to ward against such things and that worked well until one day when the bloody thing decided to stop working.  Fortunately I had managed to get a new position which came with a Nokia 2760, which died in spectacular fashion and was reborn into the glorious Nokia 6210 and now you know my story.

Of course the simple answer is to buy another Nokia 6210 but I’ve been keeping my eyes on the Nokia N92, which were then wrenched away by the Nokia N95.  Sharon has one of these and it was a cold steak that awaited me at Hogs Breath, where she had produced this, and after I got done playing with all the features.

Delia is of the iPhone camp and reading Robert’s journal, I see that he has not been without success in this endeavor, delivery truck fracas not withstanding.  Reading over iPhone reviews, everyone loves the interface and applications so much so it isn’t until paragraph four of many reviews that they actually talk about how well it operates as a phone!  The multiple clicks necessary to access a dial tone is a little concerning.  Also the Nokia N95 boasts a 5 megapixel camera compared to the iPhone’s 2 megapixel offering.  But it’s battery life is longer and the features are like pineapple on a hotdog:  Not necessary for basic enjoyment but awesome when added.*

It has been pointed out to me that the camera shouldn’t be the drawcard, particularly if the Canon EOS 40D gets purchased but there are two things that bring the N95 above the pineapple-laden iPhone:  First, SLR’s, particularly the 40D, are as bulky and unwieldy as a hot-dog with the works (Okay, there’s a pattern forming here) and second; SLR’s don’t take video while the N95 takes 640 by 480 rez at 30fps.  That makes it quite a good piece of kit to have.

Still, if anyone feels they can make a good argument, they are welcome to post in the comments and I’ll take it under advisement.

Addendum:  The irony of deciding a phone by way of public opinion while lambasting you for my limited phone choices in the first paragraph is a magical kind of hypocracy.

*Everyone is obliged to try it before screaming at me.  Except Liam cause he’ll die if tries it.  Liam, you’re excused.



    • N96

      I’m not going to lie, this thought entered and stuck in my head for most of yesterday and into today. The N96 looks pretty, doubles the memory and has some nice application features. Also they moved the bloody headphone jack to somewhere it wouldn’t poke into vital organs or once slipped in a pocket, make it irretrievable as a kid down a well.

      But for what it offered, it really doesn’t deserve a new model number. It’s kind of a N95 and a half to me; the product of a year or two worth of feedback. The N95 can deliver the applications I want while I wait for two or three years and see what sallies forth to slay the iDragon. Hopefully with a touchscreen.

      Also, I needed something this week. Though I think some bluetooth headphones are in order.

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