Supanova 2008!!!

Every time I go, I become even happier that I moved to Brisbane.

The atmosphere of this place is just so amazingly positive.  Regardless of your nerdish or geekish allegiances and which mediums you indulge, there is a common ground at the RNA showgrounds.  A time for video gamers and roleplayers to swap tales.  A time for Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans to nod at each other in approval.  A time for anime fans to dress up and glomph each other to ecstatic ruin.  And it only happens once a year.

Teryl Rothery, who may end up being the reason why I borrow the SG1 DVD’s off of friends, wins hands-down as the best guest speaker, though I missed James Kyson Lee who apparently knocked everyone dead with laughter.  She jumps off the stage and goes to fans for questions, poses lewdly for photos, and has no shame in recounting some very funny and very embarrassing stories.

Michael Winslow, I was worried, would be riding the coat tales of Police Academy and would curse out folk in funny voices.  Well I was half right!  It’s not hard to see how much this man enjoys his work and I was filled with the desire to watch Police Academy 1 through 6 all over again.  Also, apparently he can blow up sound systems with the power of his voice and after hearing his impersonation of Areosmith (and not much else after that), it’s not hard to imagine.

Lou Ferrigno is a paradoxically gentle man who could destroy everyone in the convention hall, regardless of whatever prop weapons you include in your costumes.  A straightforward, yet humble man, he would be perfect as a Doc Savage pulp hero.  He also is a deputy sheriff for L.A. and ain’t no-one shooting him before the sheriff.  I mean, sure, they’ll try but you’d be better off saving the bullets for yourself.

Jewel Staite steals everyones hearts including a man who got that very thing autographed on his pec.  Which is ironic because Teryl Rothery was saying that she was warned not to sign body-parts by Bruce Boxlightner on her first convention appearance.  Maybe that’s just how Jewel rolls…

Costumes were amazing, people were friendly, all was good!  I wish I had a little more time to check out the Australian comic scene, as is my want during the last two Supanova’s, but then again, I get to eat until payday so it’s not all that bad.

Photos of Supanova ’08 can be found here.  In which you’ll find photos of friends wounded by holy water, the guest stars, some costumed capers and my moment of triumph for that day.

Also I look less fat.  More… rounded.
Now I have to wait another 365 days… <sniff>


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