More Annoyance. More Pokemon. And Lunch

So apparently it’s okay now to read a book while you smoke a cigarette at work… 

It’s not enough that you can indulge your habit any time of day during work hours, but in case filling your lungs with tar gets dull, there’s always the option of reading a few pages from Laura K. Hamilton’s latest works while waiting to die.

Is there a way where I can just bypass the nicotine and go straight to reading in the park and getting paid for it?

Lunch with Liam today, we went to the Sushi Station which is a place I don’t think I would have visited if Delia hadn’t recommended it.  So thank you for that!  Conversation meandered all over the place, ranging from less-than-spontaneous combustion, to the appropriate use of prepositions.  This, of course, is not unusual to any who know us.  Also visited Ace Comics where Doctor Grodbort’s Infallible Aetheric Oscillators and other Sundries catalogue is in.  For those not aware of Doctor Grordbort and his wares of steam:  Check it out.


Cool!  I can embed video!

 It’s so awesome and yet so expensive.  I’m curious as to why WETA hasn’t developed this into some kind of media yet?

 Short entry today but I would be remiss not to include the latest instalment of:

Talking with Delia about my Pokemon progression last night, she informs me that I should stop relying on just Taserbait and get some other Pokemon.  I tell her I’m already on it as I found a level 7 Nidoran and decided to add him to the menagerie.  (Reviewing the Pokedex, it turns out Nidorans can inject poison, but don’t like to fight.  DON’T LIKE TO FIGHT??!!  I’m cutting a swath through these things every time I venture into the tall grass and each time I’ve been the one attacked unprovoked!!!).  

Then she asks me what gender it is?

What?  WHAT!?

As I said, while hardly an expert on things Pokemon I have, on occasion, watched the cartoon.  Anime likes to use dramatic power shots of their characters leaping into battle and Pokemon is no exception. However, at no time have I seen anything that comes close to genitalia while getting an angle of their underbelly.  The rule I’ve applied is:  If it’s got a pink bow, it’s a girl and if it doesn’t it’s a boy.* Fortunately, while I can’t tell what type it is, fortunately the Pokedex can and after searching through the data, it reveals that my Nidoran is a male, which turns out to mean absolutely nothing in terms of bonuses, abilities or any other advantage.

Sidebar:  Seeing as Nidoran has no analogue counterpart and doesn’t like to fight, I name him “WHATEVER!”.  Other names “WTF” and PokeFodder.**  Now begins the grind to get him to decent fighting levels.  Whatever! reached level 11 before I switch off for the night.

I’ve heard rumours that Brock is housed at a nearby gym.  I know he’s one of the stars of the cartoon so I’d best be ready cause it’s pretty likely he’ll be actually be a challenge (I’m looking at you, Bug Catcher and Asshat).  I might get another Pokemon as well, just in case.  Delia tells me that Pidgeys are useless but it can evolve into Pidgeot which is, apparently, “teh awesome!”  I’ll take a shot at that sometime tonight if I can lift my arms after fencing.

*Perhaps the pink bow is the reproductive organ!  Gah!!!

**Might save that one.



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