Far Too Long and Not Nearly Enough…

Wow.  This is why I don’t like to look at the calendar.

Its kinda a little ironic that the last entry I wrote about was my intention to join fencing.  My intenion was to keep the livejournal updated more often as well and, yeah, check that out.  But the fencing was joined and is still being practiced three times a week.

I should possibly make this entry about sword buying but based off the trend, the next entry will be another year or so away and I want a sword now!

I think instead I should talk about Brisbane…

Moving to Brisbane was a big decision made a lot easier by friends already down here.  Friends who helped me when I was job hunting and who supported me when that looked particularly bleak.  I mean, I loved Brisbane when I visited but months with not only any employment, as well as the promise of employment only to be dashed to pieces at the 11th hour is a soul crushing thing.

But I landed well.  Got an admin job with a government department that pays better than the average wage.  Got shuffled into an even higher position.  Joined fencing and became involved with two new groups of friends because of it.  And also met my current girlfriend.

Didn’t take long to get back to fencing, did it?  But I digress…

All of this I couldn’t have done without family and friends behind me.

I don’t know if I’ve ever said this and if I have to remember when, I don’t say it nearly often enough, but thank you.  This piece of the internet, right here and now, is devoted to you.  And I’m going to start updating this journal again, just so this message stays for as long as I do.



  1. Your mood theme weirds me out because Jenni uses the exact same one. Only obviously she uses the girl. And not the boy. Cos she’s female.

    I maked you an icon, by the way. Because the one you have now patently sucks. What do you think of this one? Good/bad/indifferent?

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