It had to happen eventually…

Normally I’m pretty confident about what I wear and its impact on people around me.  Wearing nothing but black is reassuring to me and lulls others into complacency.  However this week I’ve run into a problem.  One that I didn’t think about until I was flung into the situation with no time to prepare or weigh my choices.  The item of fashion that caused this dillemma is this:

Picked up from Supernova expo for $30.00  Bargain!

Cool huh?  I thought so too.  Hence why I spent my precious money on it.  But it turns out my bargain bought me more trouble that meets the eye.  (Comedy Gold!)

Walking through the center of Brisbane I crossed paths with a guy wearing this:

Boo!  Hiss!

And the first thing that crosses my mind is:  Uh oh, am I supposed to fight him now?  I mean he’s big.  Like Omega Supreme BIG!
And he’s looking at me like he’s expecting me to suddenly transform into a crazy person and take a swing.

It was awkward.  And quiet.  Very quiet.

So I did the the only thing the Decepticons ever did right:  RETREAT!*

Next time, Autobot.  Next time…

*Of course if he’d utterred “But Priiiiiiime” in my vicinity, it would have been so fucking onnnnn!


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