The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Ben’s…

Originally the plan was to do some writing, maybe pull apart a script that has been suffering from a couple of pages of dead weight.  Instead I decided to take this energy and direct it towards modifying the Livejournal.  “A simple project”  I thought. Shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes with my PERFECT knowledge of HTML code.”

Two hours later you should be looking at the design I FINALLY settled on after much debate and wrangling.  Two hours of learning and applying knowledge tends to suck enthusiasm for most other things and so for you, my audience, my art is sacraficed for the pleasure of your occular nerves.  And if anybody has any snide comments to make about this design I would remind you:  Two! Hours!  If after weighing that into consideration, you decide to comment snarkily then I’d suggest making sure you lock the door to whatever separates your sleeping domicile from my razor edged and burning wrath.  Forever.

The upshot, other than posting to a journal that would make your eyes water and question your faith in me (bah!) is that it gave me the excuse to listen to new music.  I like new music, especially if I’m working in a visual medium.  Less so while I’m writing.  If you find yourself at a loss for new music, you could wile away the hours by visiting the following:

A waypoint for independent artists to post their work without suffering the weighty costs of marketing and distribution.  I’ve been listening to Neo Classical, Instrumental Rock and prospective Film Scores for my two hours.  And haven’t had to pay a cent nor be burdened with any legal entanglements.

And on the subject of music, the following is where I usually get tunes.  Artists send comics writer Warren Ellis new music by request.  He then gathers them into large mp3 files and posts them on his website for free download.  Considering the amount of people who check out the site, struggling musicians could do worse for more.  Here is the link and my experiment in sourcing images from the web.

Aaaaah.  Two hours well spent.

I’ve added links to the right of the journal.  This will be growing as time goes by.  Something that I want to link to though and unfortunately won’t be around forever is this…

The Peekaboo Paradox

This is an article written for the Washington Post by Gene Weingarten.  I’m not going to say anything further except that it is incredibly well written and while you may find the first four pages a bit of chore, trust me when I say its building up toward page five.  Page five is where its at.

Page 5 could work as a nightclub name…

I’m kinda pondering about doing some articles for Storytelling (GMing) for here that were originally going to a gaming website.  Seeing as how they never responded to my pitch and seeing as how I appear to be Storytelling three games at once (When did THAT happen?), there might be benefit.

Right!  Time to see if I can still coax some brain matter into deleting and rewriting four pages of script.



  1. HTML wrangling and other ramblings

    Pretty enough in its’ own way and better than many of the default skins on offer. Just been taking a peek at the customizing options and I could swear that HTML wrangling of an LJ is a paid option. Something to follow up when you awaken.

    I’ve not made a journal entry myself since October. I suppose I should rectify that someday.

    Having consumed your LJ whole, its’ interesting that your writing style has a different pacing and cadence than your usual mode of speech. I’m sure that the opinion of a non-writer will not count for too much however I find it interesting if a little hmm, self important and mad with power :P.

    What? An anonymous posting? Lets’ say I dont feel like giving the location of my angsty LJ that typically is an outlet for the worst of my moods.

    Thats all for now, I do encourage you to continue display your musings here and I will be reading from time to time.


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